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Michael Coil
From Security Guard to Gambitz Group LLC Owner

August 2009 I had just graduated from the University of Phoenix with a Bachelors in Criminal Justice. I was attempting to become a Police Officer. A police officer serves the community by helping the public. I was referred by a friend of mine that to start your path to being a Police Officer is to be a Security Guard. So I did some research, went for Security Guard training. I got my certifications and I found my first Security Guard job at an apartment complex. I thought I was with it - new field, a new opportunity.

A few months in of working in the Security Guard field, the same supervisor had been checking on me for a while. I did what my supervisor asked me. I never paid attention to the supervisors’ uniforms or professional demeanor. I decided I was going to pay more attention to my supervisors uniform and professional demeanor.

I remember the first day of paying more close attention to my supervisor. Usually, my supervisor would get out of the pickup. When my supervisor pulled up, I approached the pickup and my supervisor rolled his window down. What I saw was purely disappointing, but I did not say anything due to professional courtesy. My supervisor’s uniform was a police-style uniform, and it was wrinkly. In addition, my supervisor smelled like cigarette smoke.
I thought to myself, “Well, maybe my supervisor was having a bad day.”

So I asked my supervisor the million dollar question. “Sir, I am going to take off my employee hat. As a matter of fact, I can be your best friend. How are things in your world?”

The answer I received I remember to this day. My supervisor advised me that company policy states that no administrator can interact on a personal level with any employee. The way my supervisor mentioned the policy was disappointing to my supervisor. I could tell in the sound of my supervisor's voice.
The next day while working my shift, here comes my supervisor again. My supervisor got out of his truck, uniform still looked the same, smelled the same. I respected his policy and shook my supervisor's hand telling him, “Thanks for coming. I really appreciate you coming to check on me.” Then, he left.
Right then and there I decided this industry needs to change for the better.


My former supervisor set a bad example in many ways - too long to list. However, I will list the primary one: The apartment complex that I was doing security for had surveillance cameras everywhere.

My uniform was always ironed and I held a professional demeanor. By my supervisors uniform being wrinkly, and my supervisor not acting professional, the company that I was working for could lose the contract.

I decided it is time for change to the industry. It is time for both clients and employees to feel valued. As a current owner for a family owned and operated Security Agency, I take pride in my work.

How do you bring value to clients? By making your employees feel valued. Treat your employees as valued and they will look forward to going to work. My former supervisor did not feel valued, he felt like a number. My former employer threw both me and my supervisor out in the field and did not make me or my supervisor feel valued.

This is where I am different. I do not care who you are, you will feel valued working for me.

The reason why my former employer, a Security Agency, threw me and my supervisor out in the field and not make us feel valued is probably that of a low-value contract. However, I do not care how much my clients are paying, all of my clients will feel valued regardless of how much you are spending.
As I value my employees, I try to ensure their safety. Security Guards are not cops they are merely a citizen with a badge. My employees wear polo's or plain shirts that say security on the uniform. A security guard wearing a police-style uniform is more likely to get hurt compared to a security guard wearing a polo shirt that says security.

One of the main questions I get from people is where did the name Gambitz come from. Before I answer let me point out that I like to be different from everyone. Most Security Companies have names in relation to tactics. Not me. The name gambit came from X-Men my wife's cat is named Gambit. Back in 2011, I was trying to figure out a business name I was sitting in my living room watching TV with my wife who was my fiance at the time. I started gazing around the room looking for ideas for a business name my wife or should I say fiance called her cat to the couch the cat's name was Gambit. I jumped up looked the cat and said I will name it Gambitz r us. After a few years went by I named it Gambitz Group LLC.

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