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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Q: Where does Gambitz Group offer Security Guard Services?
A: We offer Security Guard Services anywhere in Oklahoma.

Q: What are some benefits of a Security Guard?
A: Saves you money on insurance, prevents theft and deters crime.

Q: Do your Guards have Criminal Background Checks?
A: Yes, all job candidates will be pre-screened. They will be hired on a probationary status until Gambitz Group receives results.

Q: What training do Gambitz Security Guards have?
A: All security guards need to be CLEET certified by the state of Oklahoma.

Q: What is CLEET?
A: CLEET stands for "Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training". Established in 1963, CLEET supports Oklahoma law enforcement with education and training which promotes professionalism and ehances competency. Read more at the CLEET website at:

Q: Can your Security Guards prevent violent suspects from harming others or violating laws?
A: Yes. You as a client benefit as when criminals come onto your property and see security the criminals reconsider their actions. In addition, many criminals do not know the difference between a Police Officer and security guard. The difference is one has arrest powers and the other one does not.

Q: What is the vetting process for your Gambitz Group Security Guards?
A: Gambitz staff evaluates job candidates on the following: Job history and excellent work references. In addtion we also check employee history and personal references.

Q: How do you know our guards are on site working, and won’t sleep?
A: We have supervisors that visit properties as part of our ongoing evaluation process.

Q: What if a Guard is not performing as expected?
A: Gambitz supervisors would speak with the employee to research the source of the performance issue. Perhaps there are family problems or other stressors that Gambitz can help remediate. Gambitz staff will also evaluate the employees performance, attendance, and professionalism.

Q: How quickly can you start service?
A: As soon as possible once a contract is signed. Gambitz supervisors or even the Gambitz Group owner will start the process of evaluating your needs. We then formulate that to a training plan for employees.

Q: How long of a contract is required?
A: A 90 day service agreement at minimum. After 90 days if you are fully satisfied a one year contract at discount pricing is offered.

Q: Can Gambitz Group provide credible references?
A: See bottom of website for details, Gambitz Group also has letters of reccommendations in proposals.

Q: What makes Gambitz Group different from other companies?
A: Other companies they treat their employees like a number, they do not care. Gambitz likes to lead by example as we develop long lasting relationships.

Q: What does a Security Guard cost?
A: It really depends on clients needs, we like to be competitive in pricing.

Q: Does your security Company have insurance?
A: Yes Gambitz is licensed, bonded and fully insured to meet the state requirements.

Q: What type and level of insurance do you hold?
A: Commercial insurance $1 million.

Q: What do we risk by using another security company?
A: Nothing. Gambitz staff wants you and your employees to feel welcome. We want you to rest assured that you are in good hand. We want you to be able to focus on your work and not worry about our service. You will receive feedback on your property whether it's dropping off a property report at your office or by email. You will be happy you chose Gambitz Group.

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