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Commercial Security for Better Business

Protect your property with the commercial security services of Gambitz Group in Moore, Oklahoma. The presence of our trained security guards can help boost your profits by reassuring your customers. We are a calming presence at your business, whether on foot or in security vehicles.

Commercial Security

Our guards handle access control, ensuring only authorized individuals and businesses are allowed onto your property. We document information for everyone who walks in your door or drives through the lot. When you contact us for a quote, we will come to your property and assess the situation before giving you a fair estimate. If another company offers to do the same job for less, show us their quote, and we will match it.

Glass Doors

Reliable Event Security

Make sure your event goes off smoothly with the assistance of Gambitz Group in Moore, Oklahoma. We keep the peace at parties, concerts, and other special events.

People Having a Toast

Protecting Your Guests

Our event security officers perform searches at entry and exit points to make sure weapons and drugs are not brought on to the premises, and that alcohol is not taken out. We provide foot patrols of the entire venue and will place stationary guards at stage areas, locker rooms, and parking lots. We will also have police officers patrolling the area to control alcohol consumption and prevent or break up fights or riots.


We have the most competitive prices in the industry. Contact us today for complete details. 

Apartment Security for Everyone's Safety

Protect your tenants and property with apartment security services from Gambitz Group in Moore, Oklahoma. We help your renters sleep peacefully at night.

Security Man

Keeping Your Community Safe

Our courtesy officers are available to patrol your grounds on foot and in vehicles to deter criminals. We are also on the lookout for any suspicious activity. Guards will conduct patrols every hour or as necessary, updating property supervisors regularly to ensure vigilance.

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